The Snow Sheep is considered a relative of other North-American sheeps as the Dall Sheep or the Stone Sheep. However, their horns are some thinner. Their bodies are robust and muscular that really highlights over their short legs. Their bodies are adapted to a cold and rocky terrain, being their hoofs even softer to absorb the shock when they run. They inhabit from Siberia to the Northeast of Russia, being 7 subspecies recognized. In resume, they are Kamchatka, Koryak, Chukotka, Yakutia, Kolyma, Okhotsk and Putorana. They all look some similar although their colours change depending on their location.

In the last years, the Snow Sheep has become a very popular hunt. Probably, the remote areas where they are found, the challenging hunt, the beautiful trophy and counting on a recent hunting recognition, made grow the interest in living a very special hunting adventure. Also, must be noted that until the Soviet Union felt, a very few hunters had the chance to hunt them. However, now it is more accessible becoming a dream hunt for many.
Despite their differences in their looking, the way to hunt them is exactly the same. Permanent glassing and stalking from the fly camps up to finding the herds or solitary males is the only way to succeed. Despite the mountains are not very high (up to 2.000 m.), big slopes are found and long walks over 15 km. a day are involved, so a good physical condition is required.

Due to the fact that 8 different Snow Sheeps are found and they all are hunted in different corners of Russia, the areas and the itineraries differs ones from others. However, as a common feature, they are mountainous areas that combine low valleys with mountains. However, toughness of this hunt is more related to the usual long walks than to the elevation or gradients. Beyond this, as located in Northern Siberia, cold temperatures can be expected. For this reason, most of the hunts are organized in early season (August), when the temperatures are warmer. Fall hunts are also organized when the rut is on or close to be on, but then the snow is normally present. 


From August to November. Best dates in early season.


Free range mountain hunt.
2.000 m ~ 6.500 ft.


Difficult and tough mountain hunt. Good shape required.


Fly camps and backpack hunt.


8 hunting days minimum.