The Mouflon was introduced from Corsica and Sardinia in Spain and in the rest of the continent. The males present typical ram horns growing in spiral, from a thick basis to a narrow tip. The coat is also very characteristic as it presents a very deep fur, mostly brown or dark with some white/clear spots in the skin. Specially the one situated along the back (like a saddle) is quite representative. The Mouflon is spread all over Spain, so it can be found from the warm South to the cold Pyrenees. Despite of being very adaptive to the different habitats, it is known that they prefer the areas with thick bushes in rolling and rocky habitats.

As any other mountain game, the hunt is conducted on a spot-and-stalk basis and having a real shooting chance can represent a challenge. Furthermore, the weather plays a very important role, specially the snow. Before the winter begins, the herds tend to be spread all over the mountains and can reach the highest points. However, once the snow falls, the Mouflons tend to go to lower altitudes becoming some easier. Anyway, the typical shots go around 200 m. (220 yd.).
The terrain is based in big slopes, thick but low bushes and a few woods, as a typical mountain landscape. In this way, a good physical condition is needed to complete a successful hunt. If not, the hunt should be organized in plenty winter or in a fenced area.

We have access to different hunting areas all over the country, although our favorite free range area is located in the Pyrenees. There, the Mouflon finds its best habitat so they can become big trophies and the hunt turns more demanding as they control their habitat better. In fact, due to a very low hunting pressure, there is a huge population and the animals are quite relaxed.
Our fenced areas are some undulated but out of the mountains. They are NOT small areas (over 1.000 hectares ~2.500 acres) and they have been chosen because of the quality of the trophies and the proposed challenge. Giving you a nice hunting experience is our priority.


From mid October to late February.


Free range mountain hunt.
2.000 m ~ 6.500 ft.


From moderated to high.
Shoots over 200 m.


Warm and charming guest house in the village.


Minimum 2 hunting days are required for this hunt.