The West African Savannah Buffalo is widely distributed along Western Africa, from the South of the Sahara dessert, to the North of the rainforest where the Dwarf Buffalo inhabits. It is a clearly smaller animal than the Cape buffalo, as its weight rarely jumps over 400 kg. Its horns look smaller, with less spread and front mass but quite heavy also. The body colour may vary from reddish-brown to a deep black, being possible to find different colored specimens in the same herd.
Its smaller size should not be a reason to underestimate this species when compared to other bigger ones. The Savannah Buffalo is a very tough and aggressive animal, able to give you a breath-taking hunt.
The hunting season is extended from late December to May, although the most concurred months are in early season when the temperatures are lower. Nevertheless, in late season the game tends to be less active, walking shorter distances, so it is still a great moment to go hunting.

Hunting the Savannah Buffalo is a quite strategic game where the tracking skills and the understanding of the environment conditions is critical. The wind and the knowledge of the hunting ground plays a very important role, as you will be on a pursuit hunt with changing conditions. 
We have got a great Buffalo population in our area, being even possible to spot them every day as we drive. However, having a good shooting chance is some more difficult and can take some days. Normally, the Buffalos live in big herds that can reach up to 40, counting bulls, cows and calves. So, considering their great hearing and smelling senses, approaching them and getting to a shooting position may be very difficult. Furthermore, the tall grass, the undulated terrain and the fact that the females have also horns and may have big bodies, can take you some extra time to select the proper male to be shot. Therefore, it is very important to be patient and absolutely focused, as you may walk for long distances until having a chance.

We hunt in two hunting concessions bordering the Bénoué River on its Eastern side, covering a total surface over 250.000 hectares (+600.000 acres). Thanks to their location next to the Bénoué and other rivers that flow across our blocks, all the game is well provided of water, so the animals stay in our block for all year round. On top of that, we put a low hunting pressure on the population and a good anti-poaching management.
Hunting in Cameroon is a true adventure since you will be experiencing the deep Africa, where the tourism is still extremely low, where the white man is still an attraction, where the trackers are able to follow the tracks for miles, where the wildlife is everywhere but not numerous, so the hunt is difficult and demands the best of you. You will see and touch how hunting helps developing the local communities, so every day will be a great memory to keep.


From late December to mid April.


Two hunting territories gathering +250.000 hectares.


Flat terrain. Lot of walking.


High quality African camp. Excellent cooking.


8 days hunting package.