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Gredos & Beceite ibex. Spain. Fall 2021. 

I booked an ibex hunt in Spain with a consultant that I worked with in the past and he put us in touch and set up the hunt with Spain Safaris for a medal class Beceite and Gredos Ibex in Spain. We met Luis Berga in Madrid from Spain Safaris. He is one of the partners as well as our guide / new friend for our adventure. Luis was great. He is very personably, easy to communicate with, accommodating and wants nothing more than to make you happy. Nothing is a problem for him. Luis strives to make sure this is one of you best experiences you ever had hunting as well as visiting his country. The hunt, the views from the mountains from all the different places you will travel to hunt different ibex are amazing. Some areas are a little more rugged than other but it is very rewarding when you get to the top. Luis is very patient and will make sure you get there and the trophy you are after. The game is plentiful and Luis knows where there are. Luis had everything set up in advance for us from all the hotels, restaurants (even reading the menu's to us every meal in English) and places of interest that needed to be seen while in Spain that Luis knows are not to be missed while there. Hunting in Spain and touring the country was a wonderful experience and should not be missed with your spouse. She will be very impressed and happy as well. I highly recommend hunting with Spain Safaris and Luis and look forward to hunting again in the future.

Ken Konopka

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Balearean boc & Southeastern ibex. Spain. Fall 2021. 

I have traveled to Spain with a non hunting companion 5 times over the years and I have hunted with 4 different outfitters and I can say unequivocally that hunting with Luis Berga from Spainsafaris was the most enjoyable and rewarding experience of them all. The hunting areas and the animals located within them are numerous and of significant trophy quality. Luis works very hard for his clients giving them personal service and is fantastic at spotting and stalking and putting the client in the right position for the shot based on their abilities. What makes Luis different than the other outfitters I've hunted with is the relationship he establishes with the hunter and also the realization of the hunters expectation that their non hunting companion will be taken care of as well. Providing excellent accommodations, food, and activities to round out the hunt experience is just as important to me as the actual animals harvested and no one has done it better than my time spent with Luis. You will get your trophy animals but if you want to also have the best all around experience while you are in Spain you will be well served to hunt with Luis Berga from Spainsafaris.
Alden Thern
Eagle River Alaska, USA
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Lord Derby. Cameroon. 2020.
Gredos & Southeastern ibex. Spain.
Fall 2021. 

It has been my pleasure to be guided by Spain Safaris twice, both in Cameroon and in Spain, and I have had interactions with two of the owners. The level of service, the quality of the hunting concessions, the numbers of animals seen in the field and the dedication of everyone involved in making your experience a success have been outstanding. Spain is the second most frequently visited country in the world and it is not fully appreciated as a great hunting destination. When you combine the food, the wine, the history and the culture of the country with a successful mountain hunt, it makes for an unforgettable experience.

Richard Sicher
Phoenix, Arizona

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Balearean boc. Spain. Spring 2014.
Gredos ibex. Spain. Fall 2019.

I have traveled for hunting to several places and visited innumerable outfitters around the globe on all six continents relevant for hunting. With Luis Berga and Spain Safaris I have hunted Gredos Ibex and Balearean Boc and I have been very satisfied with it. Luis is among the most skilled and service-minded outfitters I have visited and probably the most reliable of all the good outfitters I have hunted with. Hereby my best recommendation.

Mike Qvist