The Western Caucasus gives us the chance to hunt two different species of Tur: Kuban and Mid-Caucasian.
In case of the Kuban Tur, its horns grow in a scimitar shape, growing widely. They are dark and the rings are usually well marked. The fur is yellowish and short in summer time, and yellowish to brownish and the hair is longer during the coldest months. Normally, the males chase 110 cm (42 inches) tall and its weight goes beyond 100 kg. (250 lb.). Its distribution is considered from the far North-West Caucasus to the Mt. Elbrus.
On the other hand, the Mid-Caucasian Tur is considered a miscegenation of the Kuban and Dagestan Tur. Therefore, its characteristics are a mix of both of them. The horns are still dark and robust as any Tur, but they grow widely and backwards, closing its tips in a rounded way. The coat is normally reddish and darker in winter.

The Tur is a super class mountain hunt, run in one of the most beautiful territories on earth. In the Caucasus, the a wild and stunning landscape performs as the perfect match for a challenging hunt and a nice trophy, so we may say that this hunt has it all.
The hunt starts riding horses from the base camp bordering the Kuban river to the highest valleys, where the fly camp will be built. On our way up, you will go through streams running fresh water, and you will spot lots of wildlife inhabiting stunning surroundings. In resume, you will experience a wild and beautiful nature only for passionate mountain hunters.Once you reach and set the fly camp, you will spend up to 5 hunting days chasing the Tur. Every morning, you will spot every single corner of the mountains looking for the Tur herds. Once found, you will plan your stalk. Walking is specially demanding and some slopes can be quite tough, so a very good physical condition is required. Furthermore, considering how spooky are the Tur, the ability to shoot over 300 m. (330 yd) becomes a very appreciated skill.

The hunting area is located in the Karachay-Cherkessia republic, at 3 hours drive to the North from Mineralnye Vody town. The Tur hunt takes place in a mountain paradise about 2.500 m. (8.000 ft.). On our way up, we will go through a thick pine forest at the bottom that converts into a naked and rocky terrain on the summit. However, by the time the woods disappear, a large green grass carpet shows up and is extended up to the tops.
As a very special fact, in our area is possible to hunt both Kuban and Mid-Caucasian Turs. Due to our location near the Mt. Elbrus –which is considered the limit in between their lands-, both species are represented and can be spotted not far from each other. Therefore, combined hunts are possible in a 5-days trip.


From early August to late November. April and May.


Authentic mountain hunt.
2.500 m ~ 8.000 ft.


Very physically demanding.
Shoots around 300 m.


Fly camp in the mountains.


5 hunting days are scheduled for this hunt.


  • Kuban Tur & Midcaucasian Tur.
  • Dagestan Tur.