The Dagestan Tur is probably the most popular one among all the Turs. They inhabit the Eastern Caucasus, from Azerbaijan to the Dagestan Republic in Russia. They live in precipitous terrains at high elevations up to 3.500 m (12.000 ft.), although like many other species, they can be found at lower altitudes to escape of the heavy snow in winter. They are gregarious and most of times are found in very large herds of males or females, excepting during the mating season. They have a reddish-brown fur that turns into a uniform dark brown in winter. They also have a little beard difficult to see at long distances. However, the main characteristic is at its horns. They are robust and massive from the base, rounded and curving above and behind the neck in a ring shape. The tips turns in and up in a funny way.

The Dagestan Tur is one of the most demanding hunts in one of the toughest mountains on earth. Despite most of people gets its trophy; this is not a hunt for new hunters as it requires a very good physical shape and good shooting skills. For sure, if you are a true mountain hunter, you can skip this hunt!
The hunt is conducted in spotting and stalking from fly camps. Normally, you will only sleep in the base camp for one night before heading to the top mountains. Horses will used to move all your tents, food and other equipment for the long your hunt takes. Once camped you will start looking for the Tur herds and the biggest trophies possible. Our areas count on large population thanks to a very low hunting pressure and a few human activity, excepting some herding. Predators are limited to brown bear and wolf, which are not numerous in our areas. However, the abrupt and precipitous mountains that they inhabit are the major obstacles to chase your goal.

We run this hunt either in Azerbaijan or in the Russian republic of Dagestan, where this trophy is original. In both cases, big trophies can be found but the characteristics of the areas and destinations are very different.
The mountains in Azerbaijan are very precipitous; finding cliffs very often so some experience in mountain hunting is required. The hunting season goes from first June to late October. Then, the temperature tends to be warm and confortable, although nights are used to be fresh. In late season, the temperature always drops up to 0ºC ~ 32ºF.
In the Russian side, the mountains are not that steep but still being a tough mountain hunt. By other hand, the hunting season takes place some later: from August 1t to November 1st, so the temperatures are much colder in late season when it is even not recommended to travel because of the probable snow.


From early August to late November in Russia.


Authentic mountain hunt.
2.500 m ~ 8.000 ft.


Excellent shape required.
Shoots around 300 m.


Sleeping in fly camp in the mountains.


5 hunting days are required for this hunt.