Turkey represents one of the countries with more relevant history of all Asia. Their ancestral traditions have lasted for centuries and made it a really interesting country. In addition to its incredible culture, it has a very varied wildlife (ibex, sheeps, deers, chamois, wild boars…), reason why hunters from all over the world visit it frequently.
The efficiency of its people leaded the country to hold extraordinary infrastructures, being the connection gate between Asia and Europe. The International Airport of Istanbul is a good example, although the other airports shouldn’t be underestimated.
The hunter and his partners should note the vast culture of the country and its exoticism, as combining hunting and tourism can make a fantastic trip in Turkey.

Its main characteristic is found in the horns. It presents very long and curved horns with rings as other Ibexes, which can measure up to 150 cm ~ 59 inches. Its cape have different shades and hold a funny long beard that, all together, make him one of the most beautiful Ibex in the world.
The hunt is conducted in high mountains, glassing, spotting and stalking until succeeding. However, as we hunt in different areas, we can accommodate the difficulty to the shape of the hunter, in order to get the highest success possibilities.
All our areas have large populations, so if hunting during the prime time which is during the rut time (November and December), the success is almost guaranteed.

Due to a very short population estimated around 2.500 individuals, the Konya Sheep is one of the most exclusive species in the world. Only 7 permits a year are sold, indeed!
The hunting area is located around 20 km. away from Konya’s capital city and the hunt is conducted up to 1.500 m. high ~ 5.000 ft.

This exclusive chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra asiatica) is listed as a unique species by the SCI, being a must-trophy for any hunter and mountain game collector.
The hunting area is located in the Northeast and East of Turkey (Kackar Mountains and Black Sea region), whose altitudes goes from 2.000 to 3,000 m. (6,500 to 9.000 ft.). As any other mountain hunt, the hunter is required to have a good shape and good shooting skills.

The Anatolian Maral counts on special protection from 1937, although since 2004 its hunt is possible in the regions of D’Afyon, Eskisehir or Karabuk where the mountains reach 1.600 m. ~ 5,000 ft. This hunt is organized from mid-September onwards, being early season the prime time as it coincides with the mating period. It is a classic stalk-and-spot hunt in stunning landscapes that will please the most demanding hunters.
The Anatolian Maral inhabits around the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea and the Taurus mountains.

The Anatolian Gazelle inhabits strictly in the Hatay region (Antioche), where no agriculture is found. Its hunt was reopened again in 2012 after a long period of ban.

We count on one million of hectares (2,5 million of acres) spread across the country where big trophies can be found. These areas are located in Ankara, Konya or Antalya, mostly., and produce big tuskers (from 22 to 31 cm ~ 8 to 12 inches) with bodies that reach 375 kg. (800 lb.).
The way we hunt may vary depending on the season and the hunter. Then, either we can sit and wait in blinds or we can walk and approach to different open areas, pastures or feeders at night. In all cases, going after monster boars as we propose you t is a unique hunting experience.


Bezoar Ibex: There are several hunting areas in Turkey for Bezoar Ibex, mostly found in the South of the country (Konya, Adana and Antalya). They all are located from 2 to 3 hours from your final airport destination. These hunts are run in private areas whose hunting rights are auctioned by the Government. The accommodation is offered in confortable hotels located close to the hunting areas. They offer nice rooms and a satisfactory stay when the hunting day is over.

Konya Sheep: This ram is only hunted in a private reserve in Konya region. The success rate is 100%. The hunt is matched with a luxury stay in a 5-star hotel next to the hunting area, so the hunter will feel fully attended and served.

Anatolian Chamois: The closest airport is found in Erzurum, since this hunt will be run in Kackar mountains, in the Black Sea region. There, the mountains reach a maximum altitude of 3.000 m. ~10.000 ft. It is a pure mountain hunt, so the hunter must have a good shape and good shooting skills so if he is required to shoot over 300 m. (330 yd.). Fly camp will be organized during this hunt, so carrying a sleeping bag and a tent with is mandatory.

Anatolian Maral: This unique species is found in the North of Turkey, so the hunter must flight to Ankara. The hunter will be collected and driven to the hunting area, situated 2’5h. away. During the hunt, you will be accommodated in a hotel near the hunting area.

Anatolian Gazelle: The hunting area is located about 3 hours away from the airports of Sanliurfa or Gaziantep (both valid). The area is mostly arid and flat, not being a very tough terrain for the hunter. Locating the herds can take time, but once done, the approach will be organized.

“Atila” Wild Boars: The Wild Boar is a very invasive species whose population has been growing over the years. In consequence, they can be found in several corners of the country. Konya, Adana, Ankara o Antalya regions offer “almost guaranteed” hunts, that counts with all the comfort in terms of good accommodation and good food.


Depending on species. October to February is best.


Free range territories, mostly located in mountains.


Moderated excepting Bezoar Ibex which is a tough hunt.


Nice accommodation in mountain hotels.


Boars, minimum 3 hunting days. Mountain game, 5 days.