The Cape Buffalo is the most popular and the most extended Buffalo in Africa. It inhabits from Kenya (East Africa) to the South of the continent, but including also Angola (South West Africa). It is also the biggest and heaviest Buffalo, reaching up to 800 kg (1.800 lb.). A mature bull has a massive boss and two curved horns that grow outwards, firstly going down and then growing upwards and rolling the tip inside.

Dangerous game is unique and cannot be compared to any other hunt. Being aware of the challenge that represents chasing a violent species, leads normally to an explosion of adrenaline quite exciting. For this reason, and in order to prevent any unfortunate event, it is especially important to be very cautious and patient, as an unfortunate bad shot can determine the success and the evolution of the events.
This hunt is usually conducted in spot-and-stalk. In the morning, your guide will drive to the last corner where the nicest bull has been seen and, once there, you will stalk up to find him. Thanks to the topography of the area, it is also possible glassing from the highest points in order to find the herd and then planning the approach.
Thanks to the variety of present species in our areas, the Cape Buffalo hunt can be easily combined with other game.

Our areas are located in Eastern Cape, next to the city of Queenstown. They are a wonderful group of 3 areas that gathers more than 50.000 hectares of a very abrupt terrain with rocky mountains and undulated valleys. The Cape Buffalo is found in all of them and due to the difficulty of the terrain, it can represent a great challenge. The thick bushes specially found at the bottom of the mountains are the perfect hides for the Buffalos, so this hunt will demand the best of the hunter.
These ranches are owned by the same company and hold their own accommodation inside. In this way, the hunter is not required to move every day to different areas where finding each specific species, but they all are found in there. The lodging facilities are spacious, warm and built in an African style, also the offered services are at the highest quality ranges.


From March to October.


Huge fenced areas summing around 50.000 hectares.


Moderated. Usual shots about 100 m. (110 yd.).


Luxury African lodge.


Customizable. Minimum 2 hunting days package.