Argentina is one of the richest hunting destinations in America according to its variety of species. It has a very varied fauna that offers different opportunities to the hunters that goes from the popular small game to the big antlers. In addition, its amazing culture and the kindness and politeness of the Argentinians, make you feel like home. Therefore, the hunter finds in Argentina one of the most complete hunting destinations and an unforgettable trip. We know very well this country where we run our own hunting areas or simply the hunting rights.

The beautiful landscapes of La Pampa are the habitat of one of the most spectacular and majestic trophies in Argentina. In late March, the Red stags starts to come out from the woods to begin with the mating season. Undoubtedly, it is an extremely beautiful and wild free-range hunt guided by the sound of their calls or fights that thunder across the woods. This hunt starts before the sunrise when we will start seeking for mature trophies. Smooth approaches are a must if we don’t want to prevent the large harem of females that they are typically surrounded of. Our large hunting areas hold also large populations of deer, so if traveling during the rut season, the success is almost guaranteed.

This beautiful deer, which is original from India, is another of the species that we can hunt in Argentina.
This hunt is conducted stalking across the forests where they inhabit. It is a difficult and very technical hunt that will demand the best skills of the hunter, as the trophies are always part of big herds. Preventing them will make them run into the woods where the thickness of the vegetation (low bush and tree’s branches) is extreme.
The hunting season goes from March to September.

This exclusive trophy is native to India but is very extended all across Argentina, specially on those large fields and open lands. Hunting is normally conducted on foot. The normal shots are quite long over 250 m. (275 yd.) as they always keep the distance with any possible danger. Big trophies are possible to find.

The hunting areas that we represent also offer the possibility to hunt big bulls as the Water Buffalo (Murray or Long Horn) and Highland bull. These species were introduced in private areas and open areas where they became very appreciated hunting trophies for collectors. This hunt is based in finding the herds and then trying to get the oldest trophy.

Different species of wild boars inhabits in Argentina among which are the “Chanchos” (Black Wild Boar) or the European Wild Boar. The Chanchos inhabits along the coast but since the marsh areas hold a very thick low vegetation, they are mainly hunted on horse and with dogs. On the other hand, the European Wild Boar is found in the center of the country and the hunt is mainly organized stalking or from blinds strategically located. Both are very exciting hunts where the hunter will enjoy to the fullest.

The different areas where we have access to, large populations of sheeps and goats inhabit. They are mainly the Four-Horned ram or the Feral Goat. These trophies may complete your collection during your hunting trip in Argentina.

Argentina is one of the last paradises for wild small game, where the variety and the density is at its highest. The Dove is the most abundant species, so each hunter can shoot more than 2.000 cartridges daily. Likewise, our areas for ducks also perform perfectly well giving the opportunity to have a unique hunting experience and make the most of the hunting.


Red Deer: We have an exclusive free-range area in Mendoza region, where it is also possible to hunt other wild trophies. Otherwise, we propose you a high-fenced area in Santa Rosa where the trophies are some bigger. Both areas offer the highest quality service, so the clients will be always served in an extraordinary way.

Axis Deer: We have a private area fully fenced in Santa Rosa, or a free-range area 3 hours away from Buenos Aires where big trophies are found.

Blackbuck: We have two areas. One found next to the airport of Mendoza and another located near to the airport of Santa Rosa. In both cases, a scale at the airport of Buenos Aires is necessary. Due to their character, this hunt is conducted in open areas where the blackbucks watch up all their surroundings. In this way, the typical shots are over 250 m. (250 yd.). Both areas offer nice accommodation in site with the highest quality service.

Water Buffalo & Highland Bulls: These two species are found in a private area in Santa Rosa town. Hunting is normally on foot after spotting them from the car. These trophies are found in large low-fenced areas. The offered accommodation is excellent.

Sheeps & Feral Goat: We offer two different hunting areas located in Mendoza or Santa Rosa. Hunting is easy and the success is almost guaranteed because these trophies are not very spooky. In-site accommodation is offered to the guests.

Wild Boars & "Chanchos": Hunting is conducted in totally open areas. The European Wild Boars are found around Mendoza and Santa Rosa and our areas offer in site accommodation. On the other hand, when going after the Chanchos, the airport of destination must be Buenos Aires and then we will be driven by car to the hunting areas. In this case, the accommodation is provided in near hotels.

Doves: Our area is found in Santa Rosa, where the large population of Doves make possible to shoot over 2.000 shots a day in between the sunrise and the sunset.

Ducks: This hunt is conducted near Santa Fe where the joy is guaranteed. The hunters must fly to Buenos Aires (Ezeiza airport), so then they will be driven by car to the hunting area located 3 hours away. Good shotguns and cartridges are available at the lodge. The accommodation is provided in near hotels or private estates.


From March to May and October to December.


Free range mountain hunt.
2.000 m ~ 6.500 ft.


From moderated to high.
Shoots over 200 m.


Charming high quality rural hotel.


Minimum 2 hunting days are required for this hunt.