Besides the Bongo, the rainforest offers a very good chance to go after other species like the Dwarf Buffalo, the Sitatunga or the tiny Duikers. They are normally a good complement in a Bongo hunt, but they also can set a package by their own, centered in these unique species.
The Dwarf Forest Buffalo is the smallest African Buffalo, whose weight is under 300kg (700 lbs.). Most of them are reddish, although the older they get, the darker they become. In consequence, a mature one uses to be dark brown. It does not have a frontal boss as other Buffalos, but the horns are relatively separated. These horns grow outward, backward and slightly upward.
The Forest Sitatunga is distributed along central Africa and inhabits just the forest areas. Its coat goes from a greyish to dark brown, with some white stripes going along its body and other white spots over the face, dorsal, neck and hips. The horns, as other Sitatunga, grow spiraled upwards.

When chasing the Dwarf Buffalo, the hunt consists on looking for fresh tracks on the trails. Very often we find them walking on the trails or around wet areas where they find some minerals. The Buffalos normally inhabits in herds so, normally, we will find groups about 5 or more Buffalos together. Tracking them in the jungle is not a game that even the pygmies like due to the bravery of the Buffalos and the lack of vision even at short distances.
The Sitatunga is a more difficult hunt. Despite its track is easy to recognize, they have an amazing ability to walk through the rivers and moody grounds, so stalking them is rarely possible. Only from high seats or thanks to unpredicted encounters we will be able to get them.
Finally, hunting Duikers is absolutely unique. You will hide with a pygmy in the thick forest and will call these tiny animals with a funny noise. Most of times they come but shooting on them is not easy. Their agility is absolutely incredible and they will disappear as soon as they see you. Difficult game!

The hunting concession is located to the West of Yaoundé, bordering with Gabon. It is situated at only 4h drive, being the most accessible hunting block in the rainforest. In there, the Dwarf Buffalo is very numerous and undoubtedly you will get many opportunities to harvest your Buffalo. Sitatungas are also well represented but because of their spooky character, it is not easy to hunt them. Finally, the Duikers are probably the most numerous species, being possible to spot them several times a day.
The main camp is built in a clear area of the rainforest, but absolutely surrounded by the thick forest. The camp is built in wood, offering different cabins for the hunters relax. As the temperature in the rainforest is constant at 20-25ºC, air-cons are not needed. In fact, the high humidity will give you a fresh feeling, specially at night. The camp offer other satellite camps where is possible to stay for a night.


From April to August.


African hunting concession about 200.000 hectares.


Moderated. Mostly from blinds or 4WD vehicle.


Accommodation in wooden cabins.


8 hunting days package.