Gredos ibex hunting in Spain

The Gredos ibex is one of the four Spanish ibex subspecies and the most iconic one for most. This ibex species lives in the central and western mountains ranges of Spain. In terms of the body size, the Gredos ibex is the biggest one, and also the one who holds the darkest hide out of the other four ibex. The mature males tend to reach 100 kg. (220 lb.), and their fur is darker the older they are. In fact, an old male use to have a full black skin. Their horns grow in a lire shape. This is upwards opening sideways and then they go backwards up to the tips that normally point up again. The old males can go alone but during the rut season they normally lead a herd of females.

Scene while hunting Gredos ibex with Mike Qvist
Ibex hunting is absolutely a challenging adventure where even the most experienced hunters get excited.

The Gredos ibex hunt is an absolutely challenging adventure where even the most experienced hunters get excited. Making the best possible stalk to get as close as possible is never easy, so the skills of the hunter and the guide are absolutely key factors. This hunt is conducted on a spot-and-stalk basis. Then, from the early morning we will be glassing and hiking in the mountains until we succeed. During the fall, the ibex are in rut, so the males move all over the territory chasing females. Due to this activity, almost every group of females might have a nice trophy male. On the other hand, during the spring season males and females are separated, but all the males get together in big groups.

The terrain also uses to represent an important part of the success as depending on the vegetation, orography and weather, the hunter will have better or worse opportunities to succeed. Due to the fact that we manage different hunting areas in Spain, we can accommodate the hunt to the hunter abilities. Nevertheless, in all cases, the hunters must have a reasonably good shape and shooting skills, being able to shoot over 200 m. (220 yd.).



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From March to May and October to December.


Free range mountain hunt.
2.000 m ~ 6.500 ft.


From moderated to high.
Shoots over 200 m.


Charming high quality rural hotel.


Minimum 2 hunting days are required for this hunt.

Gredos ibex hunt with Alden Thern

Alden Thern came in 2023 to complete his Spanish ibex slam with Spainsafaris. After 5 hunting days, Alden harvested his trophy and now he is very happy.

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